5 Ways to Make a Float

5 Ways to Make a Float

Whether you call it pop or soda, we all love a good float every now and then. There are many ways to add ice cream to a cold glass of pop. Here’s just a sampling.

1.    Coke Float: I suppose this would work just as well with Pepsi or any other brand of cola. Adding a scoop of vanilla does the trick every time. Yum.

2.    Brown Cow: For a step up in your cola lifestyle, add a generous squirt of chocolate syrup to your coke float. Trust me, it gets even better. Heck, chocolate makes the world go round, right?!

3.    Lemonade Float: OK, so I thought this was crazy when I saw it. My two year old loves a show called “Kipper”, which originates in England. The characters made floats with vanilla ice cream and “fizzy” lemonade. I’d never heard of such a thing, but there it was in my Google results box. And, apparently it has a name: Snow White.

4.    Purple Cow: Now, as a general rule, I am not a fan of grape juice, but this version may tempt even me. Grape soda with vanilla ice cream sounds like it would hit the spot. Even better, would be orange soda with the same vanilla ice cream – that would probably taste like a creamsicle. Mmmmm!

5.    Root Beer Float: The one that started it all. A frosty mug of root beer topped off with vanilla ice cream. It absolutely must be in a chilled mug though; it just wouldn’t be the same without one.