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Different Cola Drinks

Cola is a favourite beverage for many people and it is a very versatile drink as well.  You can drink it or you can add it to different recipes.  It works well as a meat tenderizer as the cola will help to break down the connective tissues.

There are some times when you do not want to just drink your cola though but may prefer to drink something a bit more adult.  One popular and simple option is to add some rum to your cola and call it a drink.  Put it over ice and you have a nice, refreshing drink.  If you are someone who is watching their calories, you may prefer to use a diet cola instead.    Another nice twist is to add a bit of lime to your drink either by using a slice of lime or by pouring some lime juice into the drink.

If you prefer your drinks a bit fancier, or cannot handle just cola on its own, there are a lot of different options out there.   There are drinks that you can make with milk, there are drinks that you make with other types of alcohol or you can just experiment and see what tastes good to you.  Make sure you make a note of what you tried though so that you can duplicate it.

Of course, you can always hit the internet and your favourite search engine and look up “cola alcoholic drinks” or you could do this search but leave out the alcohol if you do not drink or want something for kids.