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Chocolate Muffins with Cola

A favourite for most people is something with chocolate.  But did you know that with a chocolate cake mix and a can of cola, you can make a yummy dessert? 

No matter how talented you may or may not be in the kitchen, you should have no issue with this recipe.  You can make these as muffins or put them in a cake pan.  You should get approximately 12 muffins out of this depending on how large the muffins are.

Here is what you need:

Box of Cake Mix

A can of Cola (355 ml or 1.5 cups)

Take the two ingredients and mix them together.  That is all you need – no eggs, no oil, no nothing!   If the batter seems a bit dry, you can add a bit more cola or you can add a bit of water so it doesn’t seem as lumpy.  I find if it is a bit dry they don’t look like muffins so much as lumpy bits of chocolate cake.  They still taste good but not as appealing.

Bake at 350 for approximately half an hour.

 If you want, you can add other things to make them more interesting.  For instance, I have used raisins or chocolate chips in my batter.  The last time, I put jam in the middle which helped to add a bit more moisture.

My favourite combination is a devil’s food cake with the cola.  I find the best combinations are cola’s with dark cake or you can use a light soda with a light cake.