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The Weirdest Pepsi Flavors You Didn't Know Existed

International colas are much more experimental than ours

If you live in the United States, your Pepsi generally comes in one of four different flavors: regular, diet, wild cherry, or, if you're feeling zesty, diet Pepsi with lime. Seems like a pretty reasonable selection of cola flavors, right? It's usually fizzy syrup, but sometimes it's fizzy syrup without the syrup part, or sometimes there's a little fruit flavoring in the mix there. Standard stuff. Well, apparently we in the States have been missing out on a whole world of cola flavors that international Pepsi drinkers get to enjoy.

I mean, they put all kinds of flavors in the stuff. It's like a Wonka factory of soda out there in the world beyond America. It looks like some of these might even have mysterious mind-altering powers if you drink enough of them. Not all of them are still being produced by the beverage company, but they live on in history as the results of some of the weirdest brainstorms ever stormed by Pepsi employees. 

Pepsi Cappuccino

Coffee-flavored soda? Is it bubbly and bitter and tooth-meltingly sweet all at once? What's going on in there?


Pepsi Fire and Pepsi Ice

Yeah, the world might actually end by one of these. The label of the former proclaims that it's "cola on fire". Doesn't really sound like something I'd want to scorch my tongue with, even if it is only spiced with cinnamon. Cold, spicy stuff just sounds like it's breaking one too many laws of nature. I'm not sure where I stand on the "Ice" mint beverage either. Probably on the side of not wanting my soda to taste like toothpaste.


Pepsi White

This one's purportedly flavored like yogurt, but unless it's creamy and filled with probiotics, I'm going to remain skeptical. 


Pepsi Ice Cucumber

We can't flavor our newest drink like regular cucumbers. We must infuse it only with the rarest of squashes. We've got to harvest the ice cucumber, the kind that only grows in the ice caves of Siberia. Send out a team, fast. Tell them to watch out for Yetis. We've got a soda to invent. 


Pepsi Pink

This one's supposedly flavored not like strawberries, but strawberry milk. Like with the yogurt guy, I'm just perplexed how they get that particular dairy flavor to work with the whole bubbles and sugar thing Pepsi usually has going on. Sounds a little rank to me. 


Pepsi Baobab

Monkey bread flavor? I...actually, nah, you're cool.